Gerry Malin 1934 -2016

Gerry is a man that will never be forgotten by anyone who ever got to know him. He was such a great Husband, Father, Grandpa, Great Grandpa, Friend and Mentor. I loved him so much.

He loved his wife, Pat very, very much. They were never apart in all the years I’ve known them. They were married for 50 years. They stood beside each other no matter what. She’s is also an amazing, loving, caring person and the same description of Gerry with regard to his wonderful character can also be used for Pat. And she is very funny.

We first met the Malins in 2001. We were living in a small house, renting from a dear friend. At some point, he decided to sell it. We began a search for a new place. We were not having much luck. We saw an ad for a basement apartment in a place called Mountain Green. Heather’s first response was “I don’t want to live in someone’s basement.” But, I said we should check it out anyway.

Turns out that it was a large house, nestled at the end of a cul-de-sac up in the mountains. The basement apartment was 2,400 square feet, with wide open spaces, including two living rooms, a large kitchen and a library. The ceilings were 10 feet high with huge windows everywhere. Heather immediately told me she wanted it.

Performing at Misti Malan’s wedding.

Gerry came downstairs and said “We want you kids to have this place.” So we moved to paradise and lived there for a wonderful six years. Soon, we began to be treated like family. Gerry and Pat even stood in as my parents at our seven year vow renewal. They continually told us how much they loved and appreciated us.

Adam, Gerry and Dave Malan

Gerry was also an incredible cook. We were invited to every Sunday dinner with the whole family. Many times we would be out, come home and find amazing food sitting on our kitchen counter. Such incredible people. There’s so much more to write about Gerry, so I’ll have to write more in another blog.

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