You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me!!!

A few years ago, Heather and I took a trip to Maui. On the way to the airport, I said, “The pictures of the condo look great but I wish we could take our counter tops”. She’s said, “You’re weird, ya big goof. Why”? “Because that’s where the tickets are”.

The trip that we had such high hopes for was a major disaster. We had saved enough to get the plane tickets early and priced right. We also brought $1,100 to spend. I know!

In my defense, I hadn’t been to Maui in 22 years. I had no idea how expensive everything was. Three days into our seven day trip, we knew we were in financial trouble. We decided to hunker down in the condo and just ride it out. 

We decided to cook or own meals and just go to the beach and relax. That too, was a disaster. Heather had just had her hip replaced and I desperately needed to have my right shoulder rebuilt.

Oh, and the grocery store? $150 for one bag of groceries. Another disaster. The only thing we could think of was catching a flight a few days early, but that was going to cost an additional $150. We pled  our case with the ticket agent and he finally caved. No charge.

The one thing that Heather really wanted to do was going to a luau. We didn’t have enough money. We went to a flea market and I ran into a into a lady who was making appointments to sit through a time share presentation in exchange for two free tickets to a luau.

I kind of felt bad that we took the tickets but we weren’t going to even be on the island for the presentation. That quickly passed and we enjoyed the luau very much.

We will go again sometime again, but with a lot more money. A lot more. The trip was a complete disaster. Heather will plan the vacations from here on out. It’s much better that way. She’s much better at planning than I.

A great Christmas gift!
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