I Don’t Want To Go!!!

A grumpy man went into the local bar. The bartender asked, “Your son go back to college yet?” The man said,”Two days ago”. “Oh, what is he going to be when he finishes?” The man grumbled, “At this rate, about 40.” 

College is great for some people. Driven people. People who don’t mind being strapped with the weight of thousands of dollars in student loans. In the end, if they use their degree to get a job in their chosen field, they can do quite well.

I was fortunate enough to have what was left of my student loans forgiven, due to disability. My balance was only $10,000. I have a friend who paid off the student loans for his three sons, which totaled $250,000! I don’t even want to know how much the average student loans are for law and med school students.

Scholarships are the way to go. In high school, choose one thing that would give you a specialty that a good college would want and excel at it. You also need to carry a very high grade point average and get involved in extra curricular activities. Which means you will have no time for fun. But you will most likely get some offers of large scholarships.

Or you can always take the route I did. Take several years of specialized classes, theology, broadcasting and business operations – and then tell jokes for a living. I think I made a good choice.

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5 thoughts on “I Don’t Want To Go!!!

  1. I can remember a time when there was free education and jobs when folk left university. Now it seems that people have to pay for the privilege of being highly educated and unemployed

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