Feline Frenzy!

Last year, Heather and I were at a play. A guy sitting several rows behind us kept annoying the usher to get him a seat up front. Finally, he offered the usher a big tip if he’d let him move. He settled in next to us and gave the usher a quarter. The usher said, “Thank you. The wife did it”.

We left at that point and got a refund. What a disappointment. But we probably saved bail money because I’m sure at some point I would have throat punched the guy harder than Melissa McCarthy in “Identity Thief”. 

We also went to see”Cats”. We thought it would be great since it ran so long in New York. What a letdown! It was just a bunch of people running around acting like cats. I don’t even like cats. Why would I pay a lot of money to watch a bunch of fake cats?

Of course these cats could sing, which you normally don’t experience with a feline. To make matters worse, I’m allergic, so it wasn’t a lot of fun for those around us. I was so relieved when Heather told me she didn’t like it either, and we left. We could have saved a hundred bucks and just went to the animal shelter.

I know some people who really loved the musical and I’m really happy for them. To me, aside from the whole cat thing, I didn’t see even one litter box on the stage. How realistic was that? Next time, I think we’ll conduct a focus group and then decide based on their conclusion.

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4 thoughts on “Feline Frenzy!

  1. I liked ‘CATS’; not too sure why as I’m not too keen on ‘cats’. It must be because T S Elliott’s ‘Old Possums Book of Practical Cats’ is one of the few poetry books in my library.
    Talking about musicals…’Oklahoma’ as I used to trudge to work I used to think any fool who goes around singing ‘Oh What a Beautiful Morning’…etc deserved to be stung by a hornet or be targeted by a large flock of very anti-social vultures

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      1. Imagine. It’s a Monday morning, raining like on Monday mornings can, you’re trudging to a job you hate, a shoe has developed a leak and someone drives by, splashing you, that song playing our of their car!!

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