The Madness Begins!

Attention! Only 404 shopping days until Christmas, 2017! Avoid the stress, buy now!

(This is my 1,000th blog!)

Since Christmas is so commercialized anyway, why not? I know some people who really start their Christmas shopping next year on December 26th this year. They like taking advantage of the after Christmas sales to get a head start.

I wish Christmas would return to the days of yore, to a simpler place in time where no one worried about what to get Mom & Dad, brother or sister, Grandma & Grandpa, etc. Some people even buy cars for their significant other or child because nothing says ‘Merry Christmas’ like going 30 grand in debt.

I would love to see parents buy one item that each child needs, and Santa bring one inexpensive item a child wants. I would love to see the greatest expectation on Christmas be the family, along with others with nowhere to go, gathering together for great memories, fun and food. But, we don’t.

I’m just as guilty as anyone else, although I don’t overdo it like most in today’s world. Everyone has their own religious beliefs, but make no mistake, Christmas is definitely a religious holiday. I’m a follower of The Christ, so celebrating His birth is a very big part of our Christmas season.

I also like traditions. Not elaborate traditions, but simple ones. We go to an early dinner at our favorite restaurant on Christmas Eve, and have hot dogs from 7-11, the hot dogs being a Mabbott family tradition since 2000. I really love things like that. We didn’t have much money to spend, but we had a great time.

I think most of us agree that Christmas is far too commercialized, but we feel the heat to send out Christmas cards and spend way too much. So many pay for Christmas on credit cards, then struggle through much of the year just to pay it off. 

It shouldn’t be that way. We won’t do it. We give what we can afford to give. Sometimes I feel guilty about not giving more to our grandchildren, but since they have lots of grandparents, not to mention their parents and aunts and uncles. Believe me, they do quite well. Even though that’s the case, the kids all know what the real celebration is all about.

Mississippi grandkids giving away toys to needy children.
Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to make my list for next year.
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