I Can’t Hear You!!!

A friend’s Grandma lost most of her hearing. She went to to be fitted with hearing aids. On her follow up visit, the doctor told her that hearing aids worked perfectly. He asked her if her family is happier now. She said , “I haven’t told them yet. I listen to them talk. I’ve changed my will three times!”

I think selective hearing is a gift from God. Practice makes perfect and is normally practiced by a husband’s will of rather not be disturbed during a big game, lopsided game, The Deadliest Catch, whatever… The point is, we don’t want to complete the chores demanded.

Do the dishes, prune the trees. Vacuum the floor, clean the garage… It doesn’t matter. She can’t leave the house without giving you chores to complete. If you already know what needs to be done and you finish before she leaves, that is a major problem.

Keep in mind that doing chores and being rewarded rarely does the trick. Chore rewards have a very short shelf life. She’ll still give you chores to do, so you’re better off just waiting for the ones you already know she’s going to give you.

She’ll be just as happy with you when she gets home and sees what you’ve accomplished. Do the minimum for the same reward. Sounds like a great choice to me. Win-win.

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