He Did What???

I found my neighbor passed out on his porch. I revived him and asked him what happened. He said, “My son opened the garage door but instead of pulling the car out and driving away, he came out with the lawn mower and cut the grass”.

It’s so much easier to mow the grass today than when I was a kid. Somehow we got rid of our gas mower and ended up with a couple of push mowers. I know! And it was a pretty big yard with hills. Ugh.

Now days, cutting the grass can be fun! We moved to a house with a very big yard several years ago. I went in search of a good riding mower. A friend of mine said he knew where all the great deals were. We found nothing.

I was pretty bummed because we couldn’t afford to pay the two grand for a new one. He wanted to make one more stop at a pawn shop where he wanted to be sure a gun that he wanted was still there.

When we got there, there was a beautiful riding mower outside with a thousand dollar price tag on it. I went inside to see if I could get a better deal. To my delightful surprise, a young lady who used to work for me came from around the counter and gave me a big hug. She got the price down to $700! Done! It had cruise control, a 50″ cut path and only 11 hours on the motor! Heather and I used to fight over who got to mow. Guess who won?

Yeah, I finally just quit and let her do it. She also likes the weed whacker so all things considered, I came out ok. Now if I can find a way for her to love cleaning out the drain gutters, my life will be complete!

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2 thoughts on “He Did What???

  1. Do you remember this one from Dave Berg’s Strip in MAD?
    Guy sitting out front and waving a magazine calls over to his lawn-busy neighbours:
    “Hey guys! Come and get a load of this!”
    Next page shows four men leering around a centre-fold. Comments as follows:
    “What’s up..oh kerrrdoing!!”
    “Imagine coming home to that at night!”
    “What a cute little seat!”
    “Yeh, but it’s what up front that counts!”
    Man’s son scrambling to see what’s going on, being stopped because he’s ‘too young’ finally gets through only for his goofily smiling dad to show him a fold-out picture of the latest riding mower

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