Seriously??? Again???

I went to have some blood drawn, and the phlebotomist started asking me a bunch of questions which I had already answered several times. “Has your address changed?” “No,”. “Your phone number?” “No.” “What about your birthday?” “What???”

Honestly, why do we still have to answer so many questions when we see a medical professional? We fill out a different looking form but with the same questions in every room they put us in, then the nurse asks you which medications you’re taking just before the doctor comes in.

I have a theory. I think the questionnaires are just to kill time until the doctor can see you. It’s not like they don’t have your information in their computers already. If you’re a new patient, ok, but even then just one form is all that is necessary. It’s ridiculous.

I think hospitals should link up with the IRS and just add a few more questions regarding income and deductions. Then it would be worth or time. You’d get your refund in February. Then I wouldn’t get so upset about filling out the forms.

Just an idea before I implode at my next doctor visit. That will not be good and I’m pretty sure I’ll wind up in jail and have to answer the same stupid questions all over again. I’m also sure I would enjoy a waiting room better than a jail cell, so I think I’ll just leave my rant here.

5 thoughts on “Seriously??? Again???

  1. Good points, but from my 40+ years in the UK civil service I bear the bad news that every system requires its records and has an obsession with keeping them up to date ‘just in case’. Then there is the 1984 factor. That every system is overseen by another system which requires another layer of forms. Now when you mix that in with the public desire that one lot of records should be kept separate from another lot of records (are you with me so far?) in case of the 1984 factor then no one system wants to speak with another system. And anyway everyone in one system knows that everyone else in another system doesn’t know how to do anything properly anyhow, ‘so we’re not letting that bunch wreck the whole joint, so they don’t get to know what we know!!’
    Simple when you know how

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      1. The time to worry would be if all that made perfect and reasonable sense!!
        Suggested cure…watch cartoons until the headache subsides

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