Leave me alone!!!

My credit is so bad, I received a credit card offer that was PRE-DECLINED.

I’m so tired of going to my mail box just to find several credit applications. They always go straight from the mail box to the trash can. Capital One is the greatest offender.

It’s no wonder so many people are laden with debt. It’s so easy. Just go online and get an answer within 60 seconds. What they DON’T tell you, except in very small print to comply with full disclosure laws, knowing full well that potential customers won’t take the time to read it.

So the poor saps find themselves in more credit trouble than our country’s 20 trillion dollar debt, not to mention they end up paying more than 20% interest. Plus, so many people only pay the minimum payment due and with all of the fees and charges, they’ll never pay these stupid cards off.

Even worse, there are the title loans, which people mostly use when there are no other options. So many of these places charge – are you ready? 300%!! They advertise on television, showing many people holding lots of cash. 

This type of business should be illegal, in my opinion. They prey on the poor, people who have to continually pay only the ridiculous interest payments. Maybe Trump will drop the hammer on these places. I hope so. I’m smart. I only borrow from the mob. The interest is high but the incentive to pay it off is much stronger.

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4 thoughts on “Leave me alone!!!

  1. Well said Jerry.
    This is usury plain and simple and pity help you if you fall behind (been there is harsher days).
    Whenever I go on line my bank interrupts me getting to make account details by insisting I could do with a loan. I am 65, income comes from dinky little pensions and it will show we pay rent to a housing association. Does that sound like a good credit risk?
    One day my composure will snap and I will apply for a £1,000,000 loan; that should scare them off asking me again!

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