Election Day!!!

The new Vice President kept telling his wife that he can’t believe he’s Vice President. Finally she said, “Get over yourself. Even the grocery store has a vice president of the peas department”. He called the store and asked for the VP of the peas department. She asked, fresh or frozen?

It’s been decades since the Vice President had to step in and take the office of President of the United States, so it’s important to choose the right one, just in case. But what does the Vice President realty do? The First Lady does more than the Vice President.

They typically fight for kids and women. I think Michelle Obama was a great First Lady. So was Laura Bush. I would include Barbara Bush except she looks like the guy on the Quaker Oats box. We can’t have that.

Some say that’s a mean comparison, but think about it. They’re never in the same place at the same time… Forget that he’s been on that box for a very long time (since his picture was on the box, I thought he was missing) so he’s probably dead but that’s beside the point. Take a look at the resemblance.

If you ignore the pearls, you’ve got it. Don’t shoot the messenger. It’s my job to make these comparisons. Let’s do more.

See what I mean? I used to look a lot like Tom Hanks many years ago. Then I looked a lot like Bill Clinton for quite some time. There were times when people actually thought I was him. It was when he was in New Hampshire for the primary and I was there just as a coincidence. I was amazed. The first time was in Miami, of all places.

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