I’m an Oddball!!!

When we were kids, my best friend was always concerned that he didn’t look like his siblings. He finally asked his Mom if he was adopted. She said, “Yes you were, son, but it didn’t work out so they brought you back”.

He was stunned, but at least he got his answer and fifty years later I think the therapy is beginning to work. Some things can never be unseen, unheard or unfelt. He wishes he never would have asked there question. Too late.

There are many tragedies, accidents and terror attacks we just can’t forget. If you were bullied in school, you don’t forget. You can put it out of your mind as you grow up and those same knuckleheads are workout for guys like you.

How about Marty McFly’s dad in “Back to the Future”? He went from bully to hero with just one punch. There’s a “King of Queens” episode where Doug meets up with an old school chum who swears that here saw Doug licking the trash can back in school.

Doug couldn’t let it go even after an apology. Here bugged the guy until he said he really did see him do it, confirmed later in the show by surveillance camera. The guy even started calling Doug Hefercan, a nic name that had stuck with him through high school.

With bullying, consequences are very severe in our day, so please refrain from putting anyone down. Choose to take the high road. I was only bullied once in school. I was the new kid in our neighborhood and I would get teased relentlessly but chose not to say anything.

Instead, I became very popular at school and all of those bullies suddenly wanted to be my friends which I gladly accepted. Why not? Can a person have too many friends?

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