The Verdict is In!!!

A lawyer was defending a murder case. He said, “The alleged victim will walk into the courthouse in one minute. The jury stared at the door when the attorney said, “See? You were all looking at the door, which proves reasonable doubt”! The jury found him guilty. The foreman said, “Everyone was looking at the door except for your client”.

What a blunder. It reminds me of the OJ Simpson trial when prosecutor Christopher Darden, against his co-counsel’s wishes, had Simpson try on a glove presumably left behind by the killer.

Of course the glove didn’t fit. There were many reasons why. It was more than a year since the glove was found, allowing it to shrink a little, plus since it was still evidence, he had to put it on over a latex glove. There was no way that glove was going to fit. Some questioned Darden’s motive.

At least he’s behind bars for a botched armed robbery in Las Vegas. It seems as though many rich and celebrated people get breaks the rest of us don’t. Good defense attorneys know which jury consultants to hire and what the most effective courtroom strategies to use.

This is why I could never commit a major crime. I’m neither celebrated or rich. I’m sure at some point in my trial I would just tell out, “I’m guilty”! That would be that. Off to prison. I don’t think I would fare well in prison. I watch the TV show “60 Days In” where law abiding citizens agree to go to prison for 60 days to figure out how drugs are being smuggled in and if the guards are doing their jobs. It’s very dangerous.

These are very brave people, who literally risk their lives to help improve prison conditions in every way. I think each one who finished should each get a million dollars. After all, the contestants on survivor only suffer for 39 days and the winner gets a million bucks.

The guards don’t know who the plants are, so they treat them exactly like the other inmates. The food is disgusting, as are the dangerous living conditions. The inmates are always leary of new inmates being snitches, so they grill them hard until they are satisfied. Many of the volunteers can’t sleep, barely eat and have to constantly watch their backs.

These are very brave people who are helping prison officials try to stop the influx of drugs and get bogus guards to do their jobs properly in order to really rehabilitate those that want to be. Crazy. I would never make it.

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