The Cubs!!!

Michael J. Fox saw a 2015 that featured a Chicago Cubs World Series victory in a scene from the 1989 motion picture ‘Back To The Future II.’ They only missed it by one year.

The writers were even more prophetic. They said that the Cubs swept Miami, who didn’t even have a major league team. Obviously, they wouldn’t be able to play each other in the Fall Classic because they’re both in the National League, but still, pretty cool predictions.

The Cubs were amazing. They never gave up. Down 3-1 while playing in a series where the winners only need 4 victories to take the championship, so many thought the Cubs hopes had been snuffed. They just came back time after time to take the coveted prize. Donald Trump immediately took credit for the win.

The Cleveland Indians did a remarkable job throughout the series. Except for the lopsided loss, they kept the games very close, even coming from beginner last night to tire the game and send it into extra innings.

I’m not going to say that the Indians can hold their heads high and feel good about what they accomplished because nothing but a world series ring will fill the emptiness of losing. They are a great team. They simply ran out of fresh arms to bring in.

Imagine the feeling of catcher Ross’s last career game being the 7th games of the world series which his team had not win since 1908! He even hit a home run in his final game. Amazing. If I were a true blue Cubs fan, I think I would celebrate until opening day next season.

Congratulations to the Cubs and their die hard fans. It has to be an amazing feeling! Indian fans have to hope they don’t lose any stars during the off season so they can compete at the same intensity as this year. Same for the Cubs.

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