Trick or Treat or Else!!

Happy Halloween! Tonight I’ll wear a shirt that says “Life” on it and hand out lemons.

Halloween is the favorite holiday for so many. Maybe I’m just missing something, because I don’t get it. I never have. Even as a kid I really never got in to the whole costume thing. Just give me some candy at home and I was good.

I think it’s simply training for future home invasion criminals. It begins with a friendly ringing of the doorbell, then all of these little people demand tasty treats. If you fail to meet their demands, your house will get egged or toilet papered. Not behavior that should be rewarded.

A non violent home invasion begins the same way. A harmless ring of the doorbell and when you open the door, there are some people with masks standing on the porch. The only difference between Trick or treaters and non violent home invaders is simply the value of the items chosen.

Snickers are replaced by TVs, peanut butter cups become jewelry, candy Korn become prescription meds and so on. We have only ourselves to blame. We trained these knuckleheads long ago. They get their pick of household items just like you gave them their pick of candy years before.

This is why I give out lemons. Down the road, the crooks will think I don’t have anything good in my house. Give it some consideration before it’s too late.

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