Oh No You Didn’t!!

I think the election should be determined by polygraph tests. Instead of the current debates, they each should be connected on the stage while answering the questions presented. The whole country would be able to see the results live.

How great would that be? No more lies, cheating and secret scandals to worry about. No more speculation. Trump would have to come clean about his tax returns and Clinton could no longer lie about “sniper fire”. Didn’t Brian Williams get fired for something similar?

Was Trump telling there truth about his remarks about women? Will Clinton finally tell the truth about the emails? I really think this is a great idea. Anyone who testifies before Congress or any oversight committee would also be hooked up.

I know what you’re thinking. Some people can beat polygraph tests. There is a simple solution. Find people who have deceptively beat the polygraph by putting a thumbtack in their shoe, whatever. Just like law enforcement agencies hire convicts who have had success in their crimes to share their secrets, you could do the same with people who beat polygraphs.

I think it’s a great idea. A buzzer could go off each time a politician lies. They’re not admissable in court, but they certainly are for other situations. I know it won’t happen, but I wish it would. It would make choosing a candidate so much easier.

I’m Jerry Mabbott and I would appreciate your vote.

Great Christmas gifts!

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