You Can’t See Me!!

When I was in the Air Force, my Sargent was chewing me out for several things. The last tongue lashing went like this: “And I didn’t see you in camouflage gear during physical training this morning!” I said, “Thank you, sir!”

I completely understand the use of camouflage clothing for military personnel and hunters. But I don’t understand civilians wearing them to the grocery store. I would think it would be better to wear clothing with cans of soup, bread, Huggies… Whatever you’re going to buy.

Or maybe a postal carrier camouflaged as a pit bull. No dogs would mess with them anymore. It would also work for Congress. Oh, I forgot. In order to use camouflaged clothing you actually have to be there.

There is just no reason to wear the clothing in public unless you’re an active person in the military. What cracks me up is that they’re wearing camouflage and yet they stick out like a sore thumb. (Pardon the ridiculous phrase. I have no idea what it means.)

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4 thoughts on “You Can’t See Me!!

      1. I’m guessing either:
        “I look cool” or “I’m smokin’ hot”(repeat 4,000 times).
        The danger is they may breed and pass on their genes.

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