You Knucklehead!!

I was fishing a stream one day when a guy across the steam said, “How can I get to the other side”? I said, “You knucklehead, you ARE on the other side”! 

To me, camping is so much fun. The tent, the sleeping bags, cooking, starting a camp fire – all of it. And I love to fish. As a kid, we would go camping for two weeks at a time. It was awesome!

There were no showers, just sponge baths. I know it seems gross, but we weren’t there to complain, just to have a great time. And we did. After a long day of camping chores, we would fire up the lantern and play cards. Great stuff!

We slept in a huge army tent on the ground. No floor, just pine needles to use as a cushion. We had air mattresses until they got holes in them. They didn’t make them like today’s models. They deflated faster than a Tom Brady football.

They were the two weeks each year where we all got along as a family. What could there be to fight about? Everything was perfect. Gathering wood, the fresh pine tree smell, the whisper of an afternoon breeze… Incredible.

After the weeks were finished, we went quietly home in the family station wagon. We were exhausted and sad that we were going back home. Oh well, only 50 weeks to wait until next year’s trip.

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