I Voted For…

We were in a restaurant when I looked at a woman guzzling drinks alone. I explained that she was my ex-girlfriend who I broke up with before marrying 18 years ago, and had been drinking heavily since then. My wife said, “Wow! Who knew someone could celebrate that long”?

My wife and I are very close and spend a lot of time talking about specifics on a wide range of subjects, except politics. That can get ugly, so we talk only in generalities while watching the debates, news about the candidates, etc.

I’m not willing to start a debate about the candidates here or on any kind of social media. It’s ridiculous to do so, in my opinion. Others like to and that’s OK. It’s their right and prerogative to do so. I just don’t think it changes anyone’s mind. I think it just spurs discussions, sometimes very heated. No thanks, I don’t need the stress.

I will be voting today, by mail, and I will divulge my selection for President. It is… Pat Paulsen. Many of you won’t remember him. He was a really funny guy who used to run for president until he died.

Just kidding. He’s not an authorized write in candidate, which is very important. There are many mail in votes that are being thrown out because people voted for people like Mitt Romney. That’s a shame. Not that they made a mistake, but Romney?? Just kidding. Don’t go crazy on me.

Regardless of who you vote for, I think it is important to vote. I’ve heard some say they are not going to vote at all because they don’t like either presidential candidate. I wish they would, but nobody can make them.

Finally, I will say that I believe the states that are not requiring official identification are making a huge mistake. If you can’t prove who you are and that you have a legal right to vote, I don’t believe you should be allowed to.

I’m Jerry Mabbott and I approved this blog. I would appreciate your vote.

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2 thoughts on “I Voted For…

  1. Nice to be reading sensible and balanced comments Jerry. This is the second I’ve come across in the last 24 hours; there’s hope for us yet!
    (Candidates & Officer holders should read posts like this……. looking at you both US & UK politicians)

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