The Wild Frontier!!

A pilot left the cockpit to use the bathroom. A little old lady screamed, “Who’s flying the plane”??? Of course the copilot was in control. The pilot immediately went back and brought out a string and handed it to the woman. He said, “Whatever you do, don’t let go of this string. You’re now flying the plane”!

We choose to fly Frontier Airlines for our trip across the country. It really was like being in the older frontier because they ruined us at every turn. No one was safe. We all got robbed.

The initial price of the ticket was substantially less than the competition, so my wife bought our tickets. I was ecstatic. We were going to see the kids, grandkids and other family members!

When we got to the airport, we were charged $30 to check one bag. Ok, I don’t like it but I realize in today’s world, most airlines charge to check luggage. When we boarded the plane, I was astonished. The seats were hard, didn’t recline and there was very little leg room. It was very uncomfortable.

I expected the normal free snacks, soda or coffee. Not this airline. You have to pay for everything! If you want to get a seat with padding and enough legroom to avoid the scoliosis the rest of us suffered, you pay more. No in-flight entertainment at all on a four hour flight. Crazy.

On the flight back, I didn’t select our seats until about two hours prior to the flight. At that point, even the regular seats came at a price. I ended up paying $27 for each seat! Insane! All tolled, we had to spend an additional $109 before we even boarded! They also suckered some people into paying to put anything into the overhead bins. We did it anyway, along with most passengers and were not charged.

Even though I will never fly on this airline ever again, the time spent with our loved ones was priceless. I will do better research next time instead of simply choosing the lowest fare.

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2 thoughts on “The Wild Frontier!!

  1. Love the stand-up description of the airline (Have you heard the Bob Newhart classic ‘The Grace L Ferguson Airline’?).
    Still, you got to see the family and you can’t put a price on that!
    Great family photos

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