I Love Our Grandkids!!

I asked my grandson if he knew where we lived. He said, “At the airport. When we want you, we go get you. Then, when we’re done with your visit, we take you back to the airport”.

Sound logic. A child’s perspective is so interesting. When you travel across the country, it seems like you’re living in an airport. Everything seems so simple to kids when they are too young to complicate their life. Their thoughts are simple and pure.

Or oldest grandchild, Katie, is an exception. She quietly thinks things through and arrives at amazingly accurate conclusions. She is definitely gifted. All of them are so special, as every grandparent thinks.

As our visit comes to a conclusion, I’m full of joy, getting to spend time with each of them, plus our children and their spouses and other family members. We met our granddaughter, Elizabeth, for the first time this week! She’s is adorable!

This is a view from the home at which the mother of two of my children and her husband so graciously invited us to stay. It’s so beautiful here in Georgia!

Today we will celebrate our grandson Isaac’s birthday. I can’t believe he is four already! I also can’t believe it’s our last day to visit. As always, time seemed to slip buy so quickly! But, there are lots of photos to help us relive the journey until next time.

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3 thoughts on “I Love Our Grandkids!!

  1. Grandchildren are something else! We’ve not long come back from a visit to our youngest two. And now their due to visit us at the end of the week!
    Yours look adorable. Wonderful pictures.

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      1. Been out of the orbit for a reply, but trying to do catch-up (and crash on with book too…never a dull moment…I’m glad to say!)

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