I’m Jumping in the Shower!!

Why do people hop or jump in the shower? That is very dangerous!

The language we use for certain activities is kind of crazy. “I’m going to hop on a plane”. I’m pretty sure you’ll wind up in jail for that one. The same with hopping on a plane. I think that behavior is frowned upon. Or grabbing a bite. Why wouldn’t you eat several bites?

How about throwing on some clothes? How would you do that? It seems impossible to me. The clothes would need to be made of a substance that would bounce off of a wall and land in perfect form on your body. It would also require years of practice.

There’s always “I’m going to catch a cab”. Seriously? Are we dogs chasing cars? Is it like Pokémon Go? And what do you do when you catch it? Take a cab? You’ll then be thrown in jail. Ouch. That’s cruel and unusual punishment.

So how about “I’m going to shower”, “I’ll get in a plane” (on the plane is never a good idea). The same with trains and buses. If we all took these misused terms literally, there would be population control. Running to the store might be good exercise, but we always driver our cars instead.

Right now I’m going to grab some breakfast, take a nap, jump in the shower, and throw some clothes on. Tomorrow, my wife and I will hop on a plane. Crazy.

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