I’ll never forget what the judge said to me when we first walked into divorce court: “What, you again?” 

Obviously, a funny person – on the bench and not for the cameras. I think every city needs to have a comedian on staff. The possibilities to help out are endless. Got a standoff? Forget SWAT, bring on the clown. 

Employee talks break down? How about a little levity? Just what’s needed. There are too many issues met with far too many serious people, none really willing to settle things in a timely fashion. Both parties know the strike will be settled at some point, but once the commitment has been made, trade talks must commence for a period of time or it appears that it took place for nothing. 

So then what? People out of work, production either severely diminished or at a complete standstill. Who gets hurt? The consumer, the employees, the company – everyone except the union. Hmm, interesting, don’t you think? Now, I’m not anti-union, there are things to be said pro and con. 

The question is, if there was a comedian poking fun at each side, how much quicker would there be a solution? How about employee arbitration? Consumer arbitration? Something like, “You know, it’s like when I get in an argument with my Mother-in-law. We’re both probably wrong, but she’s still ugly.” 

Ok, maybe some women might not find that particular joke funny, but you get the idea. How about, “Ladies, it’s kind of like when you get in a fight with your husband. You both know there’s a middle ground, and you know you’ll get there, and when it’s over, he’s still going to smell weird.” 

See? A little levity. I’m telling you, it would save every Federal and State government agency millions of dollars and much embarrassment with constituents. 

Every company and city should also get on board. Especially airlines. It seems to work for Southwest Airlines. They hire mainly funny people to make the passengers on an otherwise boring and sometimes tense situation much better. 

I just think there’s an overlooked market here. How about the Wal-Mart greeter? “Hey, did you mean to wear that, or are you completely colorblind?” Or, ok, since you decided to wear your jammies, our bathroab section is right over there.” Or, “I see you wore your pajamas. Next time, wear the ones with the flap open and make it worth our while.” 

How about a greeter at K-Mart? All they would have to say is, “Welcome! At least we’re not Wal-Mart!” 

See, the possibilities are truly endless. If you’re a leader, give it some thought. 

See you tomorrow. 

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