She’s Alive!!

I called my boss to tell him I couldn’t come in because my grandmother had suddenly passed away. The next day, he asked me if I believed in life after death. I told him I did, thank God, for my grandma’s sake. He said, “Well that’s good because she stopped in yesterday to say hello to you”.

I could never use that one again, even if it was real. I’d have to pull off a good “Ferris Bueller”, to make it work. If I wanted to call in sick after that, I would have to practice my 24 hour flu voice. You know what I’m talking about and the only cure is binge watching Netflix, going to the beach, see a movie or perhaps a theme park. Maybe go to a ballgame or go fishing.

In the ’80’s, I worked as a trainer for Circuit City. We were training a lot of people because we were opening a bunch offer Super Stores there. We finally got a Saturday off, so we all decided to take in an Atlanta Braves game, even there executives, which was cool because they always paid for everything.

There was a store manager named Jimmy, who was loved by all. He was a great guy. On this day, however, disaster was going to hit him square in the face. He was supposed to be supervising his staff to get the store open on time. There were 40,000 people at the game and poor Jimmy just happened to get a seat just two rows ahead of us.

They waited until the game was over to confront him. Here said that they were so far ahead of schedule that he decided to take the day off. Two problems. One, he hadn’t cleared the day of with his District Manager, who was with us at the game. We then went to the store. All of the employees decided to take the day off too. The store was a wreck. Jimmy was fired that day. What are the odds? 40,000 people and ended up right in front of us.

The stores opened on time, but without Jimmy.

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