I Hate Those Commercials!!,

I really don’t think we need get real with what goes on in the bathroom, like that stupid commercial says. That’s why there are doors, with locks.

Frankly, I don’t care what kind of tissue anyone uses. Why would I? Of course they’re trying to sell their product. I get that. But I think that can be done like bounty paper towels, without the demonstrations.

We’re already bombarded by Preparation H commercials, Cialis, Viagra, Flomax, more feminine issues than you can count. Not to mention the blue bears using tissue. Really?

Enough, already. I think we’re all aware what we need to do. If you pay more for tissue, you’re probably going to get better quality than the cheap tree bark. Since there is no Preparation G or I, I think we can figure that out.

If a man is having problems down south, see a doctor, not a commercial. They are professionals who are well aware of the solutions available.

Thank goodness for DVRs so we can skip these ridiculous ads. But, at least one question is answered. Bears do go in the woods. 

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