Clean This Mess Up!!!

I was working on my internet network in my office last week when my wife came in and wanted to know what I was doing. I told her that my PC was telling me that it couldn’t see my printer. She said, “Well I’m not surprised. Your desk is such a mess, I can barely see the printer”.

It’s realty not that bad. The trouble is that all of the junk mail gets put on my desk. I have no idea why my wife puts it there, but she does. Everytime she gets tired of clutter, no matter what it is, it winds up on my desk.

It could be worse. I’ve had a couple of bosses who had really cluttered desks and they had similar ways of handling it, although one of them was obviously nuts. One guy would come back from meetings for a couple of weeks and rather than going through stacks of mail, he would get a box and just throw it all in there and never look at any of it.

Obviously, the President was not my boss, and he has a secretary to separate his mail by level of importance. Why these other knuckleheads didn’t hire a secretary blows my mind. They both ran successful businesses, so it’s not like they couldn’t afford one.

The other guy was as bad as I’ve ever seen. You’ll find this hard to believe but I swear it’s true. He had a nice office, but never went through his mail. It would stack up and he would just moved piles of it onto the floor and chairs. He would repeat this process until there was no room to even walk in there office. It looked like an episode of hoarders.

Here’s the realty weird part. When the room was packed with junk, he would lock the door and move to another office. He had already done it once before I started there and he did it again while I was there. I couldn’t believe it. His car was clean, he dressed impeccably but somehow just couldn’t seem to clean his office. Crazy.

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