It’s Just Not Fair!!!

A friend of mine told me that when he was in the army, he was driving down a muddy back road when he saw a vehicle stuck in the mud, with an embarrassed Colonel at the wheel. My buddy asked, “Your jeep stuck, sir?” “Nope,” said the Colonel, coming over and handing him the keys, “Yours is.”

What else could he do? It’s not like you can call AAA to help you. Fortunately, he had a radio with him so he could call for help. I think rank is everything in the military. He could tell someone that this Colonel had it in for him. He just had to deal with it. That’s what you do. The only think that brings you comfort in this sort of situation is knowing that at some point this guy is going to get yelled at for messing something up.

I guess if you were really concerned about unfair things happening to you, the military or prison are the last places you would like to end up. Sometimes you can strike back though. When I was in basic training, I was in the chow line where we had to stand heel to toe with the guy in front of you.

For some reason, I was smiling. Most likely because I thought this system was ridiculous. A Training Instructor ran up to me and screamed in my ear, telling me to “wipe the stupid grin off of myth face”! I told him I couldn’t do that because in our Airman handbook it said “An airman should have a pleasant smile on his face at all times”.

He demanded that I show him the sentence, hoping that I wouldn’t have it with me, which would be a violation of the rules in the handbook. I showed him and he was embarrassed. He just said he was going to be watching me. After he left, the guys closest to me were laughing and saying how awesome that was.

I was called into our Training Instructor’s office after chow. He ripped me for embarrassing the other TI. Then he told me to sit down and told me how funny it was. We laughed for a while and then he told me to get out of his office. He was still smiling.

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