Show me the money!!

I worked for a cheap guy. He called a company meeting and said, “You worked so hard this year and the company had record profits, so I’m going to reward each of you with a $5,000 check”! We were thrilled. Then he said,”If you work as hard this year, I’ll sign them”.

I worked for a couple of companies like that. One was a business consulting firm where a bunch of us traveled the world consulting for clients. I enjoyed meeting so many people and there world became a much smaller place.

There were huge sacrifices. I was only home for 2-4 days per month, so I didn’t get to see my children much. I was single, but so many were married. Most of the marriages broke up which made the jerk happy because now he could work them harder because they had no spouse to worry about anymore.

On top of all of that, he put together a bonus structure that was impossible to reach. While I was there, no one ever made any bonus dollars except for one person. She embezzled half a million dollars. I have mixed feelings about her actions. At least she got something and it hit him right where it hurt the most.

Circuit City was just as bad. They usually made our goals so big, it was a miracle if you made it and got a bonus. Annual bonus structures we the same. It especially stung during the holiday season. You’d think that would be the time when you could’ve counted making a bonus. But Black Friday weekend always killed any bonus money you were set to receive based on your performance during the rest of month.

Treat customers AND employees like gold and unless the corporate people are mentally incapacitated, you’ll win. Pretty simple, really.

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4 thoughts on “Show me the money!!

      1. Since you were there in the middle of it, that makes me feel my inclination was justified! (Sometimes you’ve got to let ‘rough justice’ have its say)

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