I Can’t Stand It!!

I think internet techs should be called URLologists.

I wonder how the idiotic “tech agents” at cable companies fix their own personal equipment issues when they can’t fix anyone elses? I’m not saying that all telephone tech agents are stupid, but lately I’ve dealt with quite a few.

Here’s my issue. I was having difficulty streaming Netflix from my Blu-ray player to the TV. The picture quality was horrible when it actually worked, but it would buffer every five minutes or less.

I was very nice when I called Netflix because I needed to eliminate them as a suspect before calling Xfinity. After an hour on the phone, we finally determined that Netflix was not the problem. I took a deep sigh and then called Xfinity. That’s when the real fun began.

The first rep was nice but it took a very long time to get to the root of the problem because I had to boot and reboot everything several times, which I had already done several times before. She finally gave up and connected me with a senior rep.

We went through everything again and she finally decided the problem was the modem. Duh. So, she explained to me that it was simply a matter of changing signal channels. She placed the modem on channel 11 and explained that some channels were overloaded with customers so I wasn’t getting a strong signal. We tried it and it worked! Voilà!

It worked until that evening. We were attempting to binge watch “Gray’s Anatomy”, which is tough to do when you’re going to have to try all of the channels to get one that works. Since I used to sell electronics, my wife thinks I should be able to solve any problem, so when I told her earlier that it was working, she was thrilled.

That is until that evening when it began doing the buffering thing again. I tried to tell my wife that it was just her bad luck that was causing the problem and that she was a jinx. Yeah, that went over like a fart in church. So, we watched some movie that I can’t even remember because I was focused on trying to figure out how to fix the problem.

The next morning I was back on the phone with Xfinity, when a rep told me that the problem was the Blu-ray player and I needed to call Panasonic. I told him no because everything streamed perfectly except Netflix which required more bandwidth. He started arguing with me so I asked to speak to someone above his level. Sheesh!

So this tech discovered that I wasn’t even close to getting the speed I was supposed to be getting and he fixed that. Then he discovered that when the tech had changed the channel, she set it to manually change the channel. He changed it to automatically find the best channel and it has worked perfectly since.

My question is why isn’t the training program better for the front line people? Most I’ve dealt with really don’t know how to troubleshoot even simple problems, frustrating the customer to the point where they want to discontinue service. 

Oh well. It now works and I got three months of Showtime for free.

One thought on “I Can’t Stand It!!

  1. “why isn’t the training program better for the front line people…..”
    ‘Cuz that costs too much and it’s all about shoving folk out there and hoping the inadequate computer driven problem-solver they’ve got in front of them works.
    ‘Cuz their managers and supervisors have been indoctrinated into the Great God: Stats which breaths unto them the truth of Performance and they drive their poor foot-sloggers to distraction.
    ‘Cuz the folk who did the soft wear in the first place tested it in dinky little rooms in perfect conditions and didn’t think to field trial it the volunteer public domain.
    (Pauses to raise hands from pulpit and draw in breath)
    ‘Oh woe unto thee, thou cost-cutters and profit chasers!!
    Ahh..I loves a good rant.


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