I Have Food Poisoning!!!

The last time Heather and I dined at a Steakhouse, the waiter delivered my plate with his thumb on my steak. I said, “Hey, why did you put your hand on my food”?? He said, “I’m really sorry, sir, I just didn’t want it to fall on the floor again”.

Good restaurants are known for great food and world class customer service. I’m willing to pay more for those elements. Why go out to dinner at all if you’re OK with letting the cook and/or wait staff ruin your evening? I would prefer to eat out fewer times in order to pay more to have a wonderful evening.

I even go only to fast food places where the food and service is really good. We’re the customers. We’re the bosses because we have the power to choose where we spend our money. The problem lies in hiring and training. Hire nice people who love others and then train and pay them well. They’ll stay and provided the proprietor has good business sense, the business will flourish.

You may not see The President of the United States there, as pictured above, but something is troubling to me about the picture. Other than the photographers, look how happy and attentive the staff is. Notice their smiles. I know it’s the President, but my point is that every single patron who comes in is just as important as the President and should be treated as such.

Businesses open and fail a lot, because they either have no business acumen, there is no accountability or the hiring and training procedures are horrible. Employees will never value customers if they don’t feel valued themselves. That’s a fact.

As for my steak? It was so much better, and free, once the manager got involved.

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