I Hate Vinegar!!

I never buy espresso at a coffee shop. It reminds me of my divorces. Very expensive and bitter.

I think one of the worst chores is cleaning the coffee maker. First of all, I have to do it outside because that lingering smell of vinegar stays around the house for days. My wife hates the smell. I mean HATES it! I must admit it reminds me of one of the reasons I hated coloring Easter eggs when I was a kid.

The other reasons were I hate hard boiled eggs and I never bought in to the whole Easter Bunny thing. It made no sense to me. A giant chicken who lays colored eggs in hard to find places in the yard makes much more sense. If the parents colored the eggs and hid them, that would be a much easier sell.

I digress. I always wait until the coffee maker is so full of hard water deposits, I have to keep turning it back on until the water in the reservoir is empty. This will take about 15 times in order to make a whole pot. I know, I should just use purified water. I just keep forgetting to replace the filter in the refrigerator.

I’m going to buy a filter today. If I never smell vinegar again it will be too soon, whatever that means.

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