You Have The Wrong Number!!!

Years ago, a bank got an 800 number and the last seven digits were just like mine. I kept getting calls from their customers, so I asked them if they would change their number. They refused. So I said, “OK, when your customers call I’m going to tell them their loans are paid in full”. It was changed immediately.

Wrong numbers can be fun. You can pretend that you are the person they’re trying to call until they catch on. In the meantime, you might hear some juicy gossip. Even though you don’t know the person, you might get some secrets of them.

Then again, it could completely turn into a real life horror movie. What if the caller tells you something really sinister? I would move. Right then. Just pack up your belongings and get out of town!

You may not even have time to rent a truck. So you should use Uber driving service and go half way across the country. It will probably cost about twenty grand, but better than losing your life. If it’s a cell number that he called, get rid of it and buy a burner. With cash.

Maybe it’s not a good idea to mess with wrong number calls at all. Just tell them they have the wrong number and save yourself panic, twenty grand and your house. Yeah, much better.

3 thoughts on “You Have The Wrong Number!!!

  1. I once found my phone company had managed to make our phone number a back up number for somebody who needed the services of a social worker, and I kept getting the social worker when the other person wouldn’t pick up.
    It took me the best part of 10 minutes to explain the principal of a number being input in error to the call centre; in those 10 minutes the person I spoke to kept saying “Yes but it shown on your record” seeming unable to grasp the concept behind the statement, “Yes but I did not ask for it to be put there. It is a mistake,”
    Oh well….

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