Riddle Me This, Batman!!

If a Dallas Cowboy running back, wide receiver and linebacker are in a car, who’s driving? A cop.

The NFL officially kicks off their 2016 season tomorrow night. The Broncos are playing without the great future hall of famer Payton Manning. I can’t wait to see what their offensive strategy will be.

We were led to believe the starting quarterback would be Mark Sanchez. Nope he lost the job, at least for now, to Trevor Siemian. WHO?? Exactly. He has one official snap in a game when he took a knee. He was pick number 250.

But, then again, no one was excited about Dan Marino, John Elway or Tom Brady when they took their first snaps. So, who knows? Another future Hall of Fame quarterback? I guess we should wait and see how he performs on Thursday before were elect him to the hall.

My favorite team is and always will be the Miami Dolphins. I’m more excited about this season then I’ve been for a very long time. Dan Marino was hired for one reason only. Work with Ryan Tannehill. He’s entering his fifth year and there’s a lot riding on his back. Marino thinks Tannehill will lead the team with authority this season and said, “This guy can throw the football”.

High praise from one of the most prolific passers of all time in the NFL. This is the year to at least reach the playoffs and with Brady suspended for the first four games, it is a good chance.

But then again, Miami opens against the Seattle Seahawks. Very difficult. It will be interesting to see what Bill Belicheck has up his sleeve for the first four games. 

We’ll see. I’m just happy that the season starts this week. For now, the Dolphins have a perfect record. We’ll see how long it will last.

3 thoughts on “Riddle Me This, Batman!!

  1. Hey now! Miami Dolphins??
    When American Football broke on the UK scene back in the 1980s and was fashionable for about 5 years before they replaced good commentators with idiots masking as entertainers who knew zero about the game…… (rant over)
    ……Our younger and sports-mad daughter took a shine to the Miami Dolphins and so we’ve always had a soft spot for them.
    It’s still showing on UK TV, but at odd hours and I never get the time to watch a full game (I know that is a blasphemous statement to make, but this is Britain…..)
    Anyway go Dolphins (We still don’t like the New England Patriots for one fan displaying a banner saying “Squish the fish”- Dolphins…fish?….jerk)

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    1. I’m happy you are Dolphin fans! Too bad about the commentators and the timing. The Patriots cheat, get caught and then whine about the consequences. The “fish” label has always made me crazy. And you’re daughter is a genius!

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      1. She certainly is!! She was the only 13 year old UK girl I ever came across who was happy to have a book on a US baseball player pulled out of a charity bin and given to her as a gift.

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