Who are You Calling Fatty???

I was in the grocery store last week and the new cashier was having difficulty counting back the change. She was very frustrated. My total came to $25 even. I said, “Well that’s a nice round figure.” She said, “Yeah? Well you’re no bean pole yourself”!

Some people just shouldn’t work with the public. You know who they are. They only talk about themselves and never about the customer. It happens at coffee shops, banks, credit unions, auto repair shops, big box electronics stores, restaurants, anywhere.

No one is immune. Some employees just don’t care. The behave as if they hold power over the customer. They couldn’t be more wrong. The customer holds ALL of the power. Every bit of it. They have the money and can choose wherever they want to spend it.

The hardest part of marketing in any business is to motivate someone to get out and comes into your place of business. That’s why you should treat them like royalty. You want them to have such a great experience they not only want to come back, but also recommend you to friends. Sell a good quality product at a good price and be courteous to your customers and you can’t lose.

So why do people in some stores treat you like you’re really bothering them just by being there? Because they couldn’t care less about your business. Those people need to go away. They are damaging your business you’ve worked so hard to build.

Hire nice, caring people and your business will grow! Hire knuckleheads who are not friendly or caring and your business will implode. Those are facts. Treat the customer like family. Know their names. Ask relevant questions and let them talk. Pretty simple stuff.

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5 thoughts on “Who are You Calling Fatty???

  1. Yep!
    On a UK civil service training course back in the 1969 one of my fellow trainees groaned at the hoops we were going to go through processing a complex claim to a tax allowance.
    The instructor, generally a nice easy going fellow stopped, turned his full attention on her:
    “What is your job?” he asked sternly
    “I’m a tax officer,” she replied.
    “No, what is your job,” he persisted.
    “Well, I deal with peoples’ tax? “she flustered
    “No,” he continued with the growing air of a military interrogator “What is your job?”
    This went on for a few more painful exchanges as she flustered with job description and he persisted with the same question; eventually in desperation she said
    “I’m a civil servant,”
    “Yes. And don’t you forget that. You serve the public,”
    As you can tell that left an impression on me; in a good way

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      1. Should be required reading in all schools. After a few reads someone will think very carefully about not just what governments tell them, but newspapers, advertising and of course those folk who claim to be ‘plain speakers’ and ‘simple ordinary folk’


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