Don’t Call Me Junior!!!

We went to get some ice cream from a local place and my knee was particularly painful that day. We went to the counter and sat down and I winced with pain for a moment. I ordered two scoops of chocolate. The clerk asked, “Crushed nuts”? I said, “No, just arthritis”.

Today is National Senior Citizens Day! I’m not really sure about my feelings about it. Some say you’re considered a senior at 55 years old, while others say 65. I’m right in between. I feel like when you’re 18-20. You’re considered to be an adult for some things, but not for others.

That was a horrible analogy. I don’t feel like that at all. I mostly feel aches and pains, reminding me of my age. But that’s not my point. I think we need a universal Senior Citizen age. I like the idea of getting senior discounts. I’ve earned them. I’ve managed to stay alive for 60 years! Does that earn me nothing?

I hesitate to every ask a clerk about it. It makes me feel like a cheapskate, especially when there answer is no. Then I am forced to say something really clever, like “Well, it never hurts to ask”. Everyone then has an awkward laugh and the remainder of the time spent there is a little more than weird.

I’m discovering that the best way around all of the weirdness is to check out places that offer 55 year old people senior discounts. If you can get what you want there, you’ll get the discount with no hassles or embarrassing moments.

I remember the really weird feeling as a kid when one of my parents would try to get me into the movie theater or maybe the fair by trying to convince the box office clerk that I was under the age of twelve when I was clearly 19.

Now the rides at the fair had a flawless method of determining who could ride. The dreaded “height bar”. They had a marker with a sign that read “You must be this tall to go on this ride”. There was just no way to cheat. You could try standing on your tip toes, but that would never fool them. The only ones who would fight them on it were midgets.

Ok, you get that. So I think every store and restaurant should post their Senior Discount age, if they choose to offer one. Since some people are too shy to ask and will never get the discount anyway, it would just make it easier for those of us who want it. There could also be a penalty if you try to cheat by claiming you’re old enough to qualify. You’d have to pay double. Whatever. Just post it already! 

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