What Does It Mean???

I saw an interview with a NCAA football coach recently. He was asked about his star defensive lineman. The coach said, “This kid doesn’t know the meaning of the word fear. To be honest, I’ve seen his grades and apparently he doesn’t know the meaning of a lot of words”

I know that some people automatically assume that big football players are not smart people. I strongly disagree. It’s not easy to learn the entire playbook for a team. It takes a smart person to do that. And if they’re starting, normally they have done it.I guess the same could be said about good players in any major support. The only exception might be the great Karl Malone. The man could not speak intelligently and he loved to attempt to speak in third person.

Following a particularly difficult game in which Malone missed an easy shot to win the game, reporters were all over him about the miss. Malone didn’t want to talk about it anymore and said, “Karl Malone know what he had did”! I swear it’s true. I heard him say it.

I guess athletes are just like everyone else. Some people are smart, while others lightbulb is just a little too dim. I know there are some who think that I am not the brightest start in the sky. I believe them.

I do know who the smartest person in show business was. Edgar Bergan. Many years ago he made a fortune as a ventriloquist on the radio. Brilliant!

8 thoughts on “What Does It Mean???

      1. He was a big man, with a constant patter broken up by a wild laugh. His main theme was doing magic tricks which never worked (although he was a capable magician); interspersed with one liners.
        “I went to the doctors. I said ‘Doctor It hurts when I do this’ (lifts right arm above head). He said, ‘well don’t do it'” laughs and returns to magic trick.
        That doesn’t convey one-tenth of his act; check him out on You Tube.

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