When I was a teenager, I worked for a time in the logging industry. I needed a job badly. I told the foreman I needed a job and I was pretty good. He told me to chop down a tree, which I did with ease. He hired me on the spot. He wanted to know where I learned to cut trees so fast. I said, “In the Sahara”. He said, the Sahara desert?” I said, “Well that’s what they call it now”.

I grew up in Eureka, California which thrives on the logging business. It used to be a fishing mecca, but not any more. So, you work in logging, retail or restaurants. Some smart people are really smart and opened a computer and repair shop. I think bars do pretty well too.

I would love to live there again, but I think I could ever be successful at convincing her. Georgia is or goal because or kids and grandkids live in suburb there and my son and his family only live five hours away. We would have a second choice, Seattle where my other daughter lives.

My brother in law and his family live close by and one of Heather’s best friends lives near as well. Also, one of my brothers lives fairly close, as does my sister. I don’t know. There’s a lot of traffic there which drives Heather crazy, unless she can find a job close by with no freeway driving.

Still, our first choice is Georgia. It’s very pretty there and with the family so close, it’s a no brainer. We’re going out there In October, we will get to spend time with everyone. I can barely wait. We haven’t even met our youngest, Elizabeth. That will be so much fun! 

Georgia in the fall will be beautiful and the heat will have given way to nice temperatures. Plus we’re going to stay on a friend’s farm. Fun! As long as it doesn’t turn into logging, I’m in!

In just a couple of weeks, my performance DVD will be available at Amazon! I’ll keep you posted!

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