Why Did I Come In Here??

My wife has the worst memory. She remembers EVERYTHING!

Hey, I think guys should be allowed at least two knucklehead actions per week and then Will Smith will come and erase those from her memory. Better go ahead and hit his memory too. Because you know we’ll tell her at some point.

Now I’m not talking about cheating. The cheater always calls it a mistake. No, making a mistake is putting too much nutmeg on some eggnog. A mistake is forgetting is you think that tomorrow is trash day and than you hear the trash truck. Oops! Those are mistakes.

Cheating on your spouse is not a mistake. It’s a voluntary choice, knowing that it is wrong. It’s not that you made a mistake. I’ve heard criminals who rob banks call them mistakes. The mistakes people make is thinking they’ll never get caught.

That’s just stupid. Yes I know that many criminals don’t get caught, so it seems to be the right thing to do. Those are mistakes. You didn’t mind willfully committing the crime. You planned it for months or five minutes, it is still premeditated, which is not a mistake.

I think we should start to tell the truth about everything that happened. Then we won’t have to hear, “I made a mistake and have paid my debt to society”. This means that they still have no idea that their mistake was not really one.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go tend to my new crop of weed, which I mistakenly planted and cultivated. It really was a mistake, I swear!

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