Man, You Stink!!

I was taking a bus to the grocery store last week and the lady next to me was reading a magazine. She let out a sigh and told me that everytime she takes a breath someone dies. I asked her if she considered using listerine.

Halitosis is nothing to mess with. It can ruin romance, friendships or job interviews. Fortunately, it can be treated. Sometimes the person has no idea they even have it because no one wants to confront the person.

That’s certainly not the case with wives. They’ll tell you straight up, just like all of the rest of your faults. Case in point; this morning I cooked hard boiled eggs because that’s the way she likes them. I cook a couple of them for me too.

I ate mine but she takes them to work. When I kissed her goodbye, she told me I had bad breath. Seriously? She knows I ate the eggs, but still felt it was necessary to let me know. I laughed because I remembered the lady on the bus. 

I then went to brush my teeth, even though I was about to drink several cups of coffee and ruin it all over again. Sometimes, some wives just need something to complain about, especially when their Aunt is in town, making her monthly visit.

Sometimes bad breath can mean you have a serious problem with your teeth. If the plaque is really bad, it is most likely you have or will have a serious plaque build up in your arteries. They’ll tell you to get your heart checked. Listen to them. They know what they’re talking about.

Even dogs are affected. If you notice that your dog has bad breath, get to the vet pronto. Your dog needs at least a good teeth cleaning. In fact, in most of these cases, they will need to pull some teeth.

So, I think it’s wise to get your teeth cleaned every six months.I get mine cleaned every four months because I don’t want to kill anyone with my breath. 

See you tomorrow!

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