I Don’t Get It, So I’m Going To Scratch Your Head!!

Why not scratch someone else’s head if you can’t figure something out? You’ll get the same result and have some fun at the same time.

I really have never seen someone scratch their head over a question when the answer eludes them. Yet I have consistently heard it said so often. “He was left scratching his head over that one”. I hear the term in sports announcing, but also in the business world.

We all know (Thanks to Head and Shoulders shampoo commercials) that women are repulsed by men who scratch their head. Is it because of the possibility of dandruff? They’re already thinking about what it would be like if they get married.

Does she really want a ‘flaky husband’? I can tell you that if a good looking woman stopped to scratch her head, guys wouldn’t even notice. Everyone has quirks. You put up with them in order to keep the relationship going. If scratching the top of her head is one of them, so be it.

I think it’s safe to assume that you will never see me scratch my head if I can’t figure something out. I might throw the laptop out of the window, but I won’t be scratching my head while I do it.

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