Hello? Boom!!

Last week, my phone rang. I answered it, started talking and it exploded. Now all I hear is ringing.

Exploding cell phones? Are they seriously telling us that our beloved smartphones will attempt to kill us? Yes! Is it true? Yes!

There are precautions to take. The problem lies in the batteries. They are getting smaller and smaller every year because we want thinner phones. Manufacturers give us what we want. So, we buy a phone that’s to die for, darling.

Here’s the problem. Thin batteries still have to have a plus and minus side or they won’t work. When you load regular batteries in a device, there is a positive and a negative end. Think of your car battery. Same thing.

These small, thin cell phone batteries are no different. They have a positive and negative sides which are separated by a very thin layer of material. If, for some reason those touch, your phone will either explode or catch on fire. I’m pretty sure both of these scenarios are bad. Some batteries have a small fuse that will protect you, but not many.

So, what precautions can we take? Simple ones. If you need a new battery, spend the few extra bucks to spring for the original manufacturer’s battery. If you buy a knock off to save money, you’re at risk for a disaster. Many of the knock offs use inferior linings between the positive and negative sides of the battery, increasing the chances of fire or explosion.

Don’t let your battery get too hot. Some people leave their phone in the car, even when it’s very hot. This is not smart. This is stupid. Most people get right on their phone as soon as they get back in the car. So, they start using an already overheated phone with an overheated battery. Not a good thing to do. Be sure your phone has cooled down before using it.

Don’t overcharge your battery. Many smartphones will have a warning so when the battery is fully charged, it will tell you to unplug it from the charger. Do it. No one needs their battery at 100% at all times. If your battery gets down to 50%, charge it. There are no memories in today’s batteries, so you don’t have to worry about that. At 50%, your battery will not take as long to charge (duh) and will be less likely to encounter a problem.

NEVER talk on the phone with a fully charged battery while it’s still plugged in!

A boring blog today? Certainly. But, if one life is saved…

See you tomorrow.

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