That Was Completely Unexpected!!

Nothing is for sure. I’m certain of it.

I wonder if you are at a place in your life where you never intended to be. Life happens. In a baseball metaphor, you’re sure you’re getting a fastball and you swing way too early because the pitcher threw a curveball.

Maybe you got a vasectomy and then an obviously unexpected bundle of joy arrives. Try as you might to plan your life perfectly, sometimes you are overruled by God. I know a family who had that happen to them and nearly got a divorce. He was sure she had cheated on him. After all, he did get a vasectomy.

In my case, I had a vasectomy, thinking my parenting days were over. Then I married Heather and she wanted to have a baby. Oh boy. I love her, so I decided I would get a reversal. The most inexpensive and reliable place was in Bradenton, Florida. They had a 95% success ratio.

Off to Florida we went. We had a wonderful time on the beach the evening before the surgery. A beautiful, romantic evening. I thought that I would go in the next morning, have surgery similar to the first time, go home and Heather would have her baby.

Oh my goodness, was I wrong!! Four hours of micro surgery. It was horrible! The pain was excruciating! I had to walk like a chafed cowboy. The pain pills helped a little, but not much! And, no baby! They told us after the surgery that everything was just fine and there was no reason we could add to our family.

We did add to the family, with puppies. They’re much easier to deal with. If we want to go out for the evening, no babysitter needed, just go. If we want to go away for a while, we have some great neighbors who will take good care of the pups while we’re gone. You just can’t do that with children. Everybody gets all upset, including a judge who sends you to jail.

See? It’s much better we ended up with puppies instead of children.

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