Oh No You Didn’t!!!

I can’t stand perpetual liars. Seriously, I just can’t be friends with people who say things that are not true, just to get attention. Oh, and yesterday I had dinner with the Pope.

Don’t you just hate it when you meet someone who seems like they would be a great friend but was simply feeding you a pack of lies? It’s a horrible experience considering how difficult it is to find good friends.

I once had a morning radio partner didn’t like me and the feeling was mutual. She hated the fact that so many people also knew I was a comedian. It wasn’t like I talked about it all of the time, I just promoted my shows.

One day she said that she was a retired comedian and told everyone all the clubs where she had performed and major events where she performed. I knew she was lying. I started asking her specific questions about clubs, off the air, and events and knew that I was right.

So when we were back on the air, I asked her to perform at one of the clubs that I booked. Her face was flushed and she kept trying to say no, but I was relentless. Finally, she agreed. The show was that night. I was paying her to perform and I was headlining the show.

The emcee (probably Heather) did very well and now it was my partner’s turn. It was embarrassing to everyone in the building, especially her. She didn’t get one laugh, so she began dropping the ‘F Bomb’ like crazy. Still nothing. It was so bad that she wouldn’t even let me pay her.

The next morning, she finally admitted that she had never performed stand up comedy before, something that I chose not to air. There was no need to humiliate her. I’m not that mean. A couple of months later, she was fired from the show, and went solo from then on. I had a blast! Unfortunately, she passed away about five years ago.

Folks, I’m certain that you will agree with me that lies eventually catch up to you and it’s not funny. Brian Williams is a great example. He seemingly had everything, so there was no need to even tell the story of being shot at in a military helicopter. He had to have known that one of the other guys on the chopper would come forward.

I just don’t understand it. Some call it ‘telling the truth attractively’. I guess there will always be people who do it. I’d better get going. I’m supposed to meet Jennifer Aniston for lunch in a little while.

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One thought on “Oh No You Didn’t!!!

  1. There’s no real fun in lies, because there’s no experience to them, thus they are as dust.
    I used to explain this regularly in my capacity as Ethical Advisor to the last two UK Governments.
    They retired me; on ‘health grounds’ (whose I never found out)

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