I Now Pronounce You Rich!!

A friend was a single guy working for his widowed Dad. He met a woman he wanted to marry. He started bragging to get her attention. “In just a few years, I’ll inherit a large fortune.” She took his business card and three months later, she married his Dad. Women are so much better at planning than men.

My wife is such a better financial planner than me. I used to make six figures. I tell you this not to brag, just to explain that I’m an idiot. We lived in a very nice place in the mountains, paying only $925, including utilities and Directv.

That should have allowed us to sock away a lot of cash, right? Wrong. My problem was that I controlled the finances and my wife never knew how much we had and I had a big problem saying no to her.

Our place was pretty big, so she had to fill it with furniture. Even when I knew we couldn’t afford something, I said yes, every time. What a lunk head. I’ve always been that way. Well, almost. Before moving to my current state, I saved about, $11,000. Not too bad.

It took me quite a while, but I burned through it. Mostly doing comedy gigs that didn’t pay enough. When we married, I had a morning radio show and was making decent money. Enough, anyway but not enough to save anything.

Then my health went really south in my mid forties and fifties. We had so many medical bills – $60,000 out of pocket. Crazy. All of my well meaning friends told me, “Just pay each one, $20 a month and they’ll be happy”. Wrong. I started getting sued by these $20 a month guys.

I took everything to a close friend who is an attorney. He looked at them and laughed. He told me I would never make deals with most of these places and I would continue to get sued. Even though I felt horrible doing it, we filed for bankruptcy. My friend did the work for free. I think I only paid $300 for court costs. Talk about a great friend!

I was very sick. I had a heart procedure done on an outpatient basis to save money. When we got the bill, it was $47,000. Insurance paid 20%. That procedure alone, the first of many, left us with $38,000 to pay – for one procedure. So many trips to the ER, ambulance charges… Ugh.

Today, I’m disabled and my wife works. Stress is a trigger for my illness, so she decided she would handle finances. We make less than half of what we used to, pay higher rent, along with utilities and satellite TV. We’re saving money. She’s good.

I think women are often better at handling money. With one exception, that’s been my experience. Now, I’ll have to figure out how to get the smart TV I want.
See you tomorrow.
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