Aw, Nuts! A Squirrel!!!

A friend of mine was spending time with his grandfather and decided to ask him about the secrets of life. His grandfather paused for a long time and said, “Well, if you find a baby squirrel in the woods, don’t carry it in your shirt unless you’re wearing a very tight belt.”

Sage advice, to be sure, but pretty random. Seriously, how many baby squirrels do you see and what would prompt you to catch it, pick it up and stick it down your shirt?

And if you’re wearing a very tight belt, one must assume that you went out searching for baby squirrels in the first place? Everybody knows that the grown squirrels are much easier to cook and eat. Did we learn nothing from “O’Brother, Where Art Thou”??

When you’re on the run it’s one thing. But if you’re going out to get them when you can buy groceries? That’s just crazy. I don’t even think that you’re supposed to eat squirrels in the first place. If we were meant to, I think the grocery stores would have a sale on them now and again.

It’s not unusual to see exotic foods at the market from time to time, but never squirrel. Even the guys from “Duck Dynasty” don’t eat them. Frogs? Absolutely! Squirrels, not so much. They’re too cute, to begin with, which is likely one reason why most of us don’t even think about eating them. It would be like eating a chipmunk.

Plus squirrels can be rabid. I don’t know if you know anyone who has ever had rabies, but I don’t ever want to get that again. A story about me and a bat for another blog. Anyhow, the giust of this blog is… Don’t eat squirrels, and especially the babies!!

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