Start Talking!!

One day I was making faces at kids during recess to make them laugh. My teacher told me, “Jerry, when I was little, my mother told me that if you keep making faces it will stick like that”. I said “Well, at least you were warned”.

Making people laugh has always been a priority for me. Aside from the obvious fact that humor can make you a lot of friends quickly, it can ward off bullies. Who doesn’t like to laugh? The teacher I spoke to earlier in the blog didn’t laugh.

Laughter is something that never gets old. In fact, I know a few people who are making a handsome living teaching about humor in the workplace or just making funny speeches at corporate events. There is a huge need for folks with those skills.

If you feel like trying out stand up comedy, you can get my book, You’re Funny! You Should Be A Comedian! where you’ll learn everything you need to know about being a successful comedian. If you want to create a presentation about something that is different about you, you can get Judy Carter’s book, The Story of You.

Since I became ill, I’ve been unable to make personal appearances of any kind, so I write books and blogs, teach comedy classes and coach comedians on line. All of these activities are fun and rewarding and I haven’t given up on getting well enough to continue public speaking.

Today is no different than what I told my teacher that day, and even if she was mad at the time, I know she laughed about it at some point. The landscape is different and it’s about motivating and/or making strangers laugh, which requires certain skill sets. 

That is why I recommend books and classes to eliminate trial and error and instead, take years off of your learning curve.

If you have the desire, or know someone who does, my on line classes are awesome and only $35 for 2 1/2 hours. That is an amazing value, considering I have been doing stand up comedy and public speaking for 30 years and have helped more than a thousand people get a head start. It’s really fun watching them on National Television or headlining major clubs.

Anyhow, if you have an interest, pick up a copy of the books or contact me at

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