Pokemon ISIS???

I think they should make every isis member or sympathizer a Pokemon Go target. As crazy as people are over this game, they’d find them in no time.

Like everyone else in the world, I’m very frustrated with the pace in which these horrible people are being reached. We’ve got John Kerry telling us that isis is on the run. Really? It seems to me that with the help they’re getting from enemy nations, that couldn’t be father from the truth.

I think they have merely changed their tactics, as was emphasized in their recent cowardly attacks on “soft targets”. I wish I had the answer to stop them and their followers, but I don’t. Pokemon Go is the best thing I can think of. 

I’m certainly not making light of the attacks. And it seems like there is a new one every day, somewhere in the world. Even if Trump is elected and we stop refugee immigration until there is a better vetting process, there are so many sympathizers already here, we won’t stop all of the domestic terror carried out by individuals. It’s an ugly situation at best.

I’m reminded of the movie, “Arlington Road” with Jeff Bridges and Tim Robbins where Robbins is a domestic terrorist who carries out his plan and ends up with the blame being placed on Bridges’ character, who dies in the blast. The only difference now is they don’t care if they die and there are many more plotting attacks all over the world.

I fear for the world my grandchildren will live in as adults. I heard one political analyst say that education is the answer. That we need to educate the sympathizers that isis is a bad organization. Even though I don’t think it will work, it’s more than I can come up with.

But I think Pokemon Go is worth trying. Ugh.

4 thoughts on “Pokemon ISIS???

  1. This is a very testing time.
    ISIS are the latest in a string of groups who base their ethos on terror and violence. In the 1950s-80s these were based on Nationalism or Extreme secular political movements tapping into anger and frustration. The end game of the Cold War saw the trend move to groups warping religions to suit their agendas.
    The internet age has enabled this generation to terror based groups to garner support quicker and far wider than ever. It is also very contagious in that its fear factor permeates into other communities leaving a hint to suspect ever member of a minority as a foe and thus provide a breeding ground for recruits from some on the receiving end of that suspicion.
    It requires a very delicate mix and balance of tolerance and respect to communities in general and the realisation that there will be some who will have to be eradicated by military force.
    The primary weapons though must be Compassion, Respect and Tolerance for the innocent

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