How Old Are You??

I was cleaning out my closet one day, getting rid of my fat clothes. My 8 year old daughter was watching me. I held up a large pair of jeans and said I must have been 260 when I wore these. My daughter looked startled and asked, “Well how old are you now”?

I think kids are either brutally honest or lie to your face. We’ve all done it and had it done to us. Even if you have no children, you’ve certainly been around them. You know what I’m talking about.

You can catch a kid red handed (What ever that means) and they will still try to lie to get out of trouble. Especially if they break something. Then the lies become elaborate and you almost let them off the hook for making up the incredible lie.

I think it’s because they live in a world of make believe, so they are really good at improvising when the time comes. In “A Christmas Story”, Ralphy had dropped the F-Bomb for the first time in front of his Dad. Dad told Mom and Ralphy was in big trouble.

He had a large, red bar of soap in his mouth, when his mother asked him again where he heard that word. Ralphy knew that he learned it from his Dad, but didn’t want to go there, afraid of further ramifications. So he lied and said, “Swartz”. His mother immediately called Swartz’s Mom, who went nuts on Swartz.

Ralphy had dodged a bullet this time. I only use this reference because it is based on author Bob Clark’s childhood. Ralphy also lied when he shot his glasses with the BB gun after hearing “You’ll shoot your eye out” so many times. So he concocted a believable story about getting hit with an ice sickle.

So, when kids think they’re going to be in trouble, they will lie like a politician. They cannot be trusted.

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