What The Heck Is A Blastoise??

During a job interview, the potential employer asked the applicant why she wanted to work there. She told him it was because there was a Blastoise there. The interviewer said, in a panic, “WHERE”???

Pokemon go has completely taken over our city streets all over the country. Crazed people are mesmerized by this game. It has already responsible for deaths due to accidents. I know, Pokemon doesn’t kill people, people kill people.

We need immediate legislation to make this game illegal. Last Friday night, Heather and I went to the Comedy Club nearest us to see one of my latest graduates from my workshops perform for the first time.

As we were going there, we saw hundreds of people looking at their phones while walking, crossing streets,etc. All ignoring the dangers involved. We nearly hit a young woman who had her eyes completely focused on her phone WHILE PUSHING HER BABY IN HER STROLLER!! I know!

If we hadn’t seen her, do you think she would have thought it was worth it? Rhetorical question of course, but is it really necessary to put your child in harms way for a video game? Come on, people!

If adults want to take that chance while walking across streets, so be it. Idiots do stupid things and suffer the consequences. But if a person is playing while driving or pushing a stroller. They should be cited and their phones confiscated. 

What? Another one of our rights taken away? Listen, if you want to put yourself in danger over a video game, go for it. Comicon will just dip a little in attendance. But if you are willing to put other lives in jeopardy, you don’t deserve to have a smart phone.

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