Get Off The Couch!!

I went to see my therapist because I had been having dreams that I was a dog. She told me to lie down on the couch and talk about it. I told her no because I wasn’t allowed on furniture.

Dogs who live in a loving home have it made. They can play, sleep 18 hours a day, basically do nothing. Still, we shower them with affection and love. It’s just as it should be. After all, they love you unconditionally, as do many other pets.

I’m always leary of people who don’t like dogs. I understand that some people don’t want to be bothered with walking a dog or cleaning up after it, while cats use litter boxes. Can I be honest? To me, there is nearly nothing that smells as gross to me as a litter box. And it’s in your house!

Certain breeds of birds also love unconditionally. Pets like these are always with you, at your side at any time. A dog will give it’s life to save you. They’re that devoted. I’ve only had one cat, which belonged to my roommate that got excited when I came home. I have no idea why. His name was Rocky. Good cat.

One of my daughters has a couple of ferrets that she loves and they love her. She posts really cute photos or videos nearly every day. They’re awesome. Since she doesn’t yet have children, I guess they’re my grand ferrets. They really are beautiful, but what do you get t them for Christmas?

It could be worse. One of our kids could have a pet iguana. What can you do for them? Make sure they don’t end up at the Tony Lama factory? We have seven grandkids, which is wonderful. They’re much easier to buy for than ferrets, that’s all I’m saying.

7 thoughts on “Get Off The Couch!!

  1. Grand ferrets, that’s priceless. As well as our dog (and a horse) we have three guinea pigs that I affectionately call “the three little pigs”. My husband calls them roast dinner! 🙂

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  2. My elder daughter has a bearded dragon, one tortoise with an attitude, an attack terrapin and a small tree frog who seems to respond loudly to metal music; never thought of them as grand…err. whatever’s, until now that is.

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