I’m on Fire!!!

It’s so hot, Siri just told me to put my phone in the fridge. It’s so hot, the hottest woman in America lives in a shack in Phoenix.

42 years ago today was my first day of active duty in the Air Force. Talk about culture shock! I went from the wonderful temperature in Eureka, California to the hot desert in San Antonio, Texas for boot camp. Let’s just say I didn’t think that decision through.

Seriously, I really didn’t think it got as hot as it did. Our plane arrived at midnight and as I got off of the thing, the heat and humidity hit me like a Mike Tyson face punch. It was MIDNIGHT! How hot would it be in the day time??? I was about to find out.

After getting our clothes and gear, we finally got to bed around two a.m. Suddenly, at 5 a.m. there was a horrible loud sound of someone banging on a metal trash can lid.

Those that didn’t get out of bed willingly were kicked out, literally. I was up in a heartbeat, which was so fast I thought I would certainly never live through that experience. We got or heavy fatigues and combat boots on and then got our heads shaved. To add insult to humiliation, they made us pay for our hair cuts! I know! We all rubbed the stubble on or heads, especially the guys who had long hair.

Then it was off to run a half mile on the track. I don’t think I had run around a track for even a quarter mile since Jr. High School. It was grueling. I was beating two guys out of 50. Yeah, the Training Instructor (The equivalent of a drill instructor) wasn’t very happy with me.

The guy kicked me in the behind all the way. This was unusual for me, to say the least. I thought about hitting the guy, but fortunately I did think that one through. I must say that his tactic worked because I beat 15 guys the next day. The TI, slapped me on the butt and said, “Good job, airman. I guess he forgot what he did the day before because that slap hurt bad.

I never finished toward the end again. A couple of other guys got the boot treatment every day. From that point on, I was a model airman. Locker perfect, bed perfect, in formation early, with a full canteen. I hated that place, but I’m sure that any service member was not very fond of basic training.

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